When the constitutionality of a law is questioned, Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice and its members have served as plaintiffs for court cases.


Current Court Cases:

as of 15 Oct 2017

HB 1721 (2015) – 14-week D&;E ban (“dismemberment”)
HB 1409 (2015) – 72-hour mandatory waiting period

Filed as a single court case. HB 1409 was not struck down; took effect Nov 2015.
HB 1721 remains active in the case.
Nova Health Systems v. Cline et al.
Distr. Court Case CV-2015-1838
Attorneys Autumn Katz, Molly Duane, with Co-Counsel Blake Patton
2 Oct 15 – Case filed (both bills together) in Okla. Co. District Court
14 Oct 15 - Okla. Co. Distr. Court granted temporary injunction on HB 1721
(Judge Patricia Parrish)
14 Oct 15 – Okla. Co. Distr. Court denied temporary injunction on HB 1409 (72-
hour waiting period); (Judge Patricia Parrish); law took effect on 1 Nov 15

Work is still ongoing.