Who are we?

The Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice is an all-volunteer grassroots organization. Organizational activities are determined by a volunteer board led by an executive director(s). Each board member also helps facilitate 2–3 working groups that are made up of board members and community members. The Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice (OCRJ) is incorporated as a 501(c)4 nonprofit.

our mission

We are a group of organizations and individuals promoting reproductive justice in Oklahoma through education, empowerment, and advocacy.

We believe that reproductive justice includes the right to have or not to have a child and respect for families in all their forms.  It supports access to sexual education, contraception, abortion care and pregnancy care as well as to the resources needed to raise children in safe and healthy circumstances, with good schools and healthcare and other elements necessary for bright futures regardless of immigration status.  It encompasses respect for women, their partners, and families, for sexuality and for gender differences. It respects human rights and the separation of church and state.

OUR vision

We envision a future in which every individual’s reproductive rights and decisions are protected by law and in which individuals are able to readily access the kinds of reproductive healthcare they need and desire.


History of ocrj

The Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice, formerly the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice, began in the Spring of 2010 when a meeting was called to discuss recent legislation impacting Oklahomans’ reproductive rights. Then Governor Henry had vetoed the legislation and considered it unnecessary and unconstitutional. Both the Oklahoma Senate and House were preparing to override the vetoes in order to continue their attack on reproductive freedom.

Over 60 people attended that first meeting and expressed grave concerns over the legislation. The very next day, over 70 individuals showed up at the Capitol wearing pink shirts in silent protest of the attempt to override the vetoes. OCRJ had a watchful presence each day that week. And while three of the four vetoes were regrettably overridden, the presence of OCRJ’s “pink brigade” influenced legislative leadership not to bring up the fourth veto, so it stood.

This positive response by concerned citizens garnered enough support for the creation of the Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice.



OCRJ is funded through the generous support of individuals and organizations who believe in our work.