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The Terrible Trio: Three Bills in OK legislature we must STOP!


The legislature continues to insult Oklahoma women with attacks on reproductive justice, on women’s HUMAN RIGHTS.

Resist!  Make YOUR voice heard!

We are following bills as they move from one legislative body to the other.  They can still be stopped.  HB 1721 would effectively limit abortions in Oklahoma to the first trimester of pregnancy.  HB 1409 would require a 72 hour waiting period.  And SB 559 threatens rather than protects pregnant women, babies and families, particularly the poor and people of color.  Contact your own legislator and others---again, if you have already contacted them about any of these bills.

Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice Opposes HB 1721

OCRJ distrubuted the following press release in the wake of the passage of HB 1721 in the Oklahoma House today. 

ACTION ALERT: Three abortion bills in committee Feb. 4, "Rose Day"

The Oklahoma Legislature is just under way and already there are three anti-abortion bills scheduled to be heard in the House Public Health Committee at 10:30 this Wednesday.  Let's let them know we'll not stand for them thrusting more obstacles in the way of responsible reproductive health care!  


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