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2014 Oklahoma General Election Voting Information

The Pro-Choice South Winds Women's Center has provided information on candidates in statewide and legislative races in Oklahoma.  Using several criteria the chart assesses legislative incumbents who are running on their voting record.  Use the abbreviations shown at the beginning of the guide to read assessments in the chart.

Some challengers are assessed on the basis of endorsement from Sally’s List, which only endorses progressive, pro-choice women candidates.

SWWC OK Voter Guide

Information about judicial elections here.


Sadly, both major party gubernatorial candidates in Oklahoma are assessed as anti-choice by Trust Women, and we agree with that assessment.

Click the read more link for more details. 

Oklahoma Candidate Questionnaire on Reproductive Health Care Issues

The South Wind Women's Center in Wichita, Kansas, has compiled a Candidate Questionnaire covering races in Kansas and Oklahoma, the two states where they are providing services.

We have created a candidate questionnaire to give candidates running for office in Kansas and Oklahoma a chance to share their views about reproductive rights with voters.

The South Wind Women’s Center Candidate Questionnaire is meant to help citizens determine where candidates in their districts stand on issues surrounding reproductive healthcare. This guide is not published with the intent of endorsing certain candidates; rather, it is published with the goal of educating citizens.

 Click here for full set of questionnaire results.

Oklahoma responses

In the Oklahoma Goveror's race, only Independent candidate Richard Prawdzienski responded to the questionnaire. In the US Senate races in Oklahoma, both the seat Jim Inhofe is defending and the open seat to replace Tom Coburn's unexpired term, only OK State Senator Connie Johnson, the Democratic Party candidate, responded to the questionnaire, with a "No" response to Questions 1 and 14, and "Yes" to all the rest.

Of the Congressional races, only Independent candidate Robert Murphy, running in District 5, responded to the survey, answering "Yes" to every question except #14, where his answer was "No."  

The chart of responses also indicates the voting records -- "pro-choice" or "anti-choice" -- of elected officials, when available, as well as how candidates rated on the Oklahomans for Life Candidate Survey (PDF), and whether they have been endorsed by Sally's List, the Oklahoma-based organization supporting pro-choice candidates. 

OCRJ joins other signers on letter to Senate Judiciary Committee on Hobby Lobby decision

Hobby Lobby Protest in Edmond OK

OCRJ has joined other reproductive justice organizations in sending a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is hearing the Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act, beginning July 15. This act aims to counter the recent SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College cases.


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