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Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice Opposes HB 1721

OCRJ distrubuted the following press release in the wake of the passage of HB 1721 in the Oklahoma House today. 

ACTION ALERT: Three abortion bills in committee Feb. 4, "Rose Day"

The Oklahoma Legislature is just under way and already there are three anti-abortion bills scheduled to be heard in the House Public Health Committee at 10:30 this Wednesday.  Let's let them know we'll not stand for them thrusting more obstacles in the way of responsible reproductive health care!  

Oklahoma Supreme Court Blocks Two Unconstitutional Measures Designed to Severely Restrict Access to Abortion

Oklahoma’s clinic shutdown law, restrictions on medication abortion blocked while litigation continues

Representatives of CRR and OCRJ respond to decision

11/4/14—(PRESS RELEASE) Today the Oklahoma Supreme Court blocked two unconstitutional measures designed to drastically reduce abortion services in the state, ensuring Oklahoma women will continue to have safe and legal options to end a pregnancy while the legal battle continues.


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