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Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice decries lawsuit against ACA contraceptive coverage


The lawsuit filed today by Hobby Lobby Stores seeks to deny its employees insurance coverage for contraceptives without co-payments.  The Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice believes this lawsuit disrespects women and men who care about women, and it disrespects American law and the principle of religious liberty protected by our constitution and so dear to all Americans.

Program offers help for "Talking About Abortion"

Mina FarzadMake plans now to join in our next meeting at 6:00 on Thursday, September 13! Mina Farzad, Regional Organizer for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, will share new practical tools we can all use to empower us in discussing abortion with others.

OCRJ 2012 Candidate Endorsements

On July 8th OCRJ mailed surveys to all the current candidates for the Oklahoma state legislature and candidates for Congress. The candidates who responded to the questions affirming support for reproductive justice have met the requirements for an OCRJ endorsement. The list below provides the candidates' names, photos, brief biographies, and links to their websites and/or Facebook pages.

We are pleased to endorse these candidates and may be updating this page with additional candidates as their responses are processed.

Other candidates of interest:



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