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Oklahomans Fight Back

By Martha Skeeters, Ph.D., President, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice and Professor Emerita/Women's and Gender Studies, University of Oklahoma and Marion Homier, Vice President, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice

This article appeared on the National Partnership for Women & Families on May 29. View original.

Oklahomans pride themselves on the way our citizens pull together in emergencies and tragedies — the Murrah Building bombing, wildfires and frequent tornadoes. But many residents, unfortunately, also like to call ours the most conservative state.

That includes relentless efforts to erode reproductive rights. Politician blog s campaign in part on their determination to end abortion altogether, and they live in real fear of being publicly accused of being “pro-abortion” should they vote against any of the anti-reproductive health bills filed each session. The efforts to chip away women’s — and men’s — reproductive rights are relentless, fueled by a very conservative and religious right constituency.

Oklahomans, State Leaders Speak Out For Reproductive Justice at Pink Wave 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Oklahoma State Capitol – 4th floor rotunda

11 a.m.—1:30 p.m. Organization’s Tables
11 a.m.—12 p.m. Lobbying
12 Noon—1 p.m. Rally

Pink Wave 2014


Pink Wave banner 2014

Are you profoundly frustrated by the Oklahoma Legislature’s attack on reproductive justice?


Would you like to resist?  To express yourself to the Legislature and the public?  Perhaps you would like to express your hope, your sorrow, your frustration, your anger.  Make some suggestions, educate them, help them understand, teach them some history, ask questions.  Express yourself!  Resist!


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