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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pro-Choice is Actually Pro-Life

Nathaniel BatchelderBy Nathaniel Batchelder

True compassion for humanity, and for individuals confronted with life decisions, is at the heart of the pro-choice movement.  I have no doubt that implementation of pro-choice values and politics would drastically reduce the need for abortion services while improving the quality of life for all.  And I would bet that pro-choice advocates without exception support:  greater access to and availability of education about reproductive biology and family planning information and services;  inclusion of family planning services and abortion in all health insurance strategies;  better public and private services assisting those in poverty, especially those with children.  These services are available in European countries where the abortion rate is one half that in the US.

The Lesson We Refuse to Learn: Restrictive Abortion Policies Do Not Work

From an editorial by By Haydee Morales, Planned Parenthood of New York City, published by RH Reality Check

[A]ccording to the most recent data from the Guttmacher Institute, women in Latin America and the Caribbean are undergoing 4.1 million abortions each year, the majority of which – 3.9 million – are unsafe. So unsafe that, according to IPAS, the international women’s health organization, thousands of women in the region are dying each year from complications related to unsafe abortions.

No matter how you feel about abortion, the truth of the matter is that restrictions on abortion don’t change the reasons women have them.

Instead they make women feel isolated and alone, driving them to ever more desperate measures. The jailing of these six women in Guanajuanto sends a message: and that message is that should you find yourself pregnant and scared, don’t dare get caught.

How many more women will have to be jailed, or die before we realize that these strict policies aren’t working? For how much longer will we have to watch as unrealistic legislation is imposed on women’s lives and bodies – legislation that is dramatically out of touch with women’s realities?

Read the entire piece here.


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