As a small, but growing, organization, OCRJ does its work through volunteers.  Although we hope to one day hire a paid staff member, it amazes us to look back and appreciate how much our volunteers have accomplished since 2010!  If you’d like to become part of the team, let us know. We can work with you to determine which working group best fits your needs and desires...or reach out if you have an idea for something more specific.


events & OUTREACH

The purpose of the Events Workgroup is to plan and execute events that center around OCRJ’s objectives, vision, mission, and values and that reach out to the community. The workgroup is responsible for coordinating event logistics to include venue selection and booking, catering, audio visual support, materials printing, registration, and related details associated with events, teleconferences, video conferences, or webinars hosted by OCRJ. This includes annual events, as well as other programming that may arise throughout the year such as tabling. 

Fundraising, Development, & MEMBERSHIP

The Fundraising Workgroup will be in charge of raising money to cover the organization’s annual budget. Sustainable funding will likely need to come from diverse sources: earned income through event fees, government and private grants, donors and sponsors, and other sources of revenue. Fundraising Workgroup members will be responsible for maintaining relationships with current donors as well as finding new funding sources.


The Policy Workgroup is charged with championing the board’s involvement to build and implement strategies to advocate for OCRJ’s mission. The Policy Workgroup will draft legislation to introduce, track proposed legislation in Oklahoma during session and increase board member understanding of the benefits of public policy engagement and advocacy. Workgroup members will form strategies for defeating anti-RJ bills and promote pro-family and RJ friendly legislation.  



The purpose of the History Workgroup is to serve as a reference for OCRJ’s organizational history and legacy and growth. OCRJ will preserve the organizational history and legacy of OCRJ as well as its growth through documentation of photos, past leadership, financial documents, and past documents. The History Workgroup will aid the board by ensuring the Strategic Plan is well executed and the organization remains mission focused. 


The Executive Workgroup will ensure functionality and operations within OCRJ board and within its committees and to manage organizational health, growth, and stability. The Executive Workgroup’s mission is to manage the affairs of the OCRJ, forming a consultative and advisory body that sets policy and direction for the organization. Members of the Executive Workgroup are elected to a leadership position of the full board or within their workgroups. 

Strategic Planning

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Workgroup is to promote organizational development and growth that addresses OCRJ’s current condition, objectives, goals, needs, wants, mission, values, and vision. The workgroup seeks to this work by submitting a strategic plan every two to five years through surveying membership about changing priorities and assessing strategic goals and objectives of each workgroup.



The purpose of the Communications Workgroup is develop content for OCRJ programming and events to share and utilize social media channels as well as working with television, radio stations, and newspapers to publicize activities of OCRJ, ensuring balanced and accurate coverage of reproductive justice in Oklahoma. The workgroup is charged with maintaining the OCRJ website and publishing and distributing all electronic or print communication to members, including rapid response to RJ bills going for a vote. 



Workgroup Structure

All workgroups will be expected to meet at minimum four times per year, and more frequently as needed to manage the workload. Workgroups will be expected to elect their own chair and vice chair, which will serve as point person for organizing and facilitating meetings and updating the full board on their goals, accomplishments, and needs.