Faith plays an important role in deeply personal life choices.  This includes the decision to have an abortion.

People who have abortions worship, love their families, and have children. Those faced with an unintended pregnancy or health complications may turn to God or a faith tradition for loving and merciful guidance. God supports and guides the faithful in our most difficult decisions, including if we make the decision to end a pregnancy. 

God says love thy neighbor.  A merciful and loving God will support, love and guide those who decide to have an abortion.  We must do the same.  

In nearly every major faith tradition there are circumstances when abortion is an accepted and respected choice. There are even times when it is a mandate. When individuals seek to universally end or limit abortion rights for all women based on a particular understanding of God, faith, or religion, others suffer. Just as some faithful may choose not to end a pregnancy based on an understanding of faith and God, others may choose abortion consistent with the teachings of faith and under the guidance of a loving relationship with God.

“I see no reason why a woman should feel herself deserving of a separation from God because of a decision she has to make...and that to believe in a loving God is to refuse to stand in judgment of any fellow mortal.”
— Dr. Willie Parker, Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice

People of faith who choose abortion do so knowing they have God’s unending love.

People of faith, representing diverse religions and seeking connection with God’s unending mercy, embrace the responsibility to lovingly support people choosing to end a pregnancy and to protect women’s rights to access quality abortion care.

You can support abortion because of your faith, not in spite of it.  God says love thy neighbor - love and support those who have abortions.

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