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What you can do

We often say, “Well, what can I do?” Here are some ideas for the person who wants to contribute but cannot engage in group work on an ongoing basis. You can be sure that your efforts will join with others to create a movement for reproductive justice in Oklahoma!
  1. Become a member of the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice by clicking that link and using the interactive form. The number of members we have is very important because this gives us legitimacy in the public arena. It draws more support and puts fear in the hearts of our opponents.
  2. Donate to OCRJ by going to our website and using the Pay Pal option or send the form with your check to our PO box. We have several projects in the works. Your contribution can help us invest in T-shirts for visibility and to raise operating funds. We also would like to have an ad campaign to educate the public and normalize the topic of reproductive justice. And we need funds for our operations such as website, P.O. Box, bank account, stationery, refreshments, printing of flyers and other informational material…
  3. Write a letter to your own legislator explaining your pro-choice views. Go to for talking points.
  4. Write a letter to an editor. See our website for a link to an interactive list of Oklahoma papers. Don’t be afraid to write to papers in towns other than your own. Ask the editor to let you know the date it is published. See our website for models and talking points, then create your own. This is a way to normalize the topic and a pro-choice view. You may choose to write to the hometown newspaper of an anti-choice legislator. See the list on our website,
  5. Write a comment on a news article, a blog, or a Facebook page. See links at
  6. Support a pro-choice campaign for the legislature. See pro-choice legislative candidates and links on our website. [Coming soon.] Give time or money.
  7. Support “Sally’s List
  8. Support Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma at and Planned Parenthood of Eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas
  9. Attend an OCRJ meeting to connect with others to give and receive moral support. Watch for announcements on our website and facebook page.
  10. Attend an OCRJ event to support the group’s efforts. Watch for announcements on our website or Facebook page or Yahoo discussion group
  11. Lobby your legislator. (Training will be available.)
  12. Tell ten friends about Oklahoma’s anti-woman abortion laws.
If you want to do even more, get 5 friends (or 10 friends) to do a dozen things.


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