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Access to abortion care for service women

Letter from Nancy Keenan (President, NARAL Pro-Choice America):

We are so close to ending a law that blocks women in the military from accessing abortion.

Your message to your senators today could help us win. Will you take action on behalf of women fighting overseas?

More and more women are fighting in the military every year. And they're stationed overseas in places where local abortion facilities are inadequate or unavailable, or where they don't speak the language.

August membership meeting: guest speaker Dr. Ed Shadid

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pro-Choice is Actually Pro-Life

Nathaniel BatchelderBy Nathaniel Batchelder

True compassion for humanity, and for individuals confronted with life decisions, is at the heart of the pro-choice movement.  I have no doubt that implementation of pro-choice values and politics would drastically reduce the need for abortion services while improving the quality of life for all.  And I would bet that pro-choice advocates without exception support:  greater access to and availability of education about reproductive biology and family planning information and services;  inclusion of family planning services and abortion in all health insurance strategies;  better public and private services assisting those in poverty, especially those with children.  These services are available in European countries where the abortion rate is one half that in the US.


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