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What you can do

We often say, “Well, what can I do?”

Here are some ideas for the person who wants to contribute but cannot engage in group work on an ongoing basis.

You can be sure that your efforts will join with others to create a movement for reproductive justice in Oklahoma!

  1. Become a member of the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice by clicking that link and using the interactive form. The number of members we have is very important because this gives us legitimacy in the public arena. It draws more support and puts fear in the hearts of our opponents.

Membership and activism

Joining OCRJ helps keep you informed and helps all of us fight for reproductive justice in Oklahoma. Please take these steps to get connected to and involved with our organization and its activities.

Martha Skeeters' statement for OCRJ at Capitol press conference, 5/28/10

I’m Martha Skeeters. I am a co-founder of the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice. along with Rena Guay and Joanna Wall. I want to welcome you, the press and our supporters, to this press conference.

The Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice has formed out of an enormous grassroots movement of people in Oklahoma who think that here at the capitol we’ve got a government out of control. Some of these lawmakers talk about getting government out of our lives, and then they turn around and stick the government into women’s most private, personal business! This is simply unacceptable.


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