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FDA Approves 5-Day Emergency Contraceptive

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new emergency contraceptive, Ella or ulipristal acetate, which is effective at preventing pregnancy up to five days after contraceptive failure or unprotected sexual intercourse. In June, a panel of FDA expert medical advisors unanimously agreed that it is safe and effective in preventing the release of an egg. The drug inhibits or delays ovulation by diminishing the effects of progesterone, according to the FDA release.

OCRJ's 2010 Candidate Endorsements

OCRJ is proud to present our first candidate endorsement list. These women and men have indicated their understanding of and commitment to the rights of women and their families in reprocuctive matters.

Note that in House District 85, we endorsed two candidates; this is because both are good on our issues. However, the OCRJ board enthusiastically and especially commends Dr. Edward Shadid, who has been outspoken about his support for reproductive choice during his campaign. We give him a special commendation for this.


Access to abortion care for service women

Letter from Nancy Keenan (President, NARAL Pro-Choice America):

We are so close to ending a law that blocks women in the military from accessing abortion.

Your message to your senators today could help us win. Will you take action on behalf of women fighting overseas?

More and more women are fighting in the military every year. And they're stationed overseas in places where local abortion facilities are inadequate or unavailable, or where they don't speak the language.


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