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Membership and activism

Why join?

Why should every supporter of choice, every advocate for women's lives and health, in Oklahoma register as a member of OCRJ?
  • Every member counts -- literally. When we go to court as a plaintiff to stop anti-women legislation, such as we did with the help of CRR to challenge Oklahoma's ultrasound law, for instance, we cite our membership numbers to show that we represent Oklahoma women.
  • You will receive regular updates on news and activities that impact reproductive justice concerns in our state. Most of the year these will be infrequent, but during the legislative session, the volume increases in relation to the anti-women activity in the Capitol.
  • When especially grievous laws are being proposed, our email action alerts and demonstrations can -- and do -- prompt lobbying blitzes that make powerful statements to legislators who back such legislation, and give our friends at the Capitol critical support to stand their ground.
  • It's free! We don't ask for dues. Of course we do accept donations, which are the primary way we fund our work.
OCRJ defends the rights, dignity, health and lives of Oklahoma women.

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Joining is free and every name gives us more strength to fight for reproductive justice.

Please take these steps to get connected to and involved with our organization and its activities. We respect your privacy; your name and contact information will not be shared, sold or distributed in any way without your consent. Join our coalition by filling out our membership form. Two ways to complete it: Online form (preferred method) PDF form (hard copy for printing/snail mailing) We will add you to our email news alert list so you can keep up with important info and announcements about our issues. We need your financial support for our work, please donate if you can. Read, act on and share our What You Can Do list You may also want to sign up for these email non-OCRJ lists:

* This is a Yahoo Group, but a Yahoo account is not required to join. See bottom of the Group's home page for how to subscribe without a Yahoo account.

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