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Two more candidates receive OCRJ's coveted endorsement

We've just added two new candidates to our 2012 endorsement list:

  • Claudia Griffith, OK Senate District 15
  • Steven Vines, OK House district 42

OCRJ's endorsement has been sought by many candidates this year and we are proud that we have helped make the pro-choice position one that candidates are not only willing, but excited, to announce and promote.

Oklahoma is changing for the better -- thanks to the contributions of money, time and energy by our supporters and friends. We thank all the candidates who sought submitted their names for our consideration. We hope to see you in the Capitol soon!

Candidates who responded to the questions affirming support for reproductive justice have met the requirements for an OCRJ endorsement.

The page provides each candidate's name, a photo, and links to the the campaign website, bio and Facebook page.

Find the complete (to date) list here.

Other candidates of interest.

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