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Here's to OCRJ's many 2012 successes, and a new year of many more!


Dear Supporter of Reproductive Justice,

Happy New Year!

As we leave 2012, the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice has many successes to look back on. Many of you helped us achieve those successes through your efforts as activists and volunteers and through your financial support.  

I hope you will continue to act with us in the coming year and will help us prepare for the challenges we face in 2013 by donating to OCRJ right now

Here are the headlines for our 2012 victories defending and fighting for reproductive justice.

  • OCRJ was at the forefront of the battle against personhood legislation and WE WON!
  • OCRJ was a plaintiff in the legal challenge to the 2010 ultrasound law and WE WON!
  • OCRJ was also a plaintiff in the legal challenge to the 2011 law restricting medication abortion, and again, WE WON!
These victories didn’t come without a lot of activity behind the scenes -- we organized like crazy.
  • We held lobby days at the capitol for all members and supporters.
  • We inaugurated an action team which met to discuss strategy and lobbied continuously.
  • We called for members and supporters to telephone, email and write legislators and to write letters to the editors of newspapers.
  • We maintained a presence in the House gallery for four crucial days during which House leadership revealed that our presence was a key element in striking down the personhood bill.
  • We had a presence at judicial hearings on the ultrasound law and on the medication abortion law.
  • We issued a number of press releases.
  • We increased our use of social media, intensifying our Facebook presence and initiating a Twitterpresence.
  • We recruited new members, increased participation and gained donations through tabling, email, and social media outreach, including our first live tweet of a legislative session.
  • We maintained an active, diligent, and engaged board.
  • We had three board members who were individual plaintiffs in the legal challenge to the personhood petition.
Those are just the highlights of the efforts we made and results we were able to achieve in 2012 towards bringing reproductive justice to Oklahoma. 

We need your financial support to maintain this level of success, and to increase it. Donate now. 

But wait, there’s more!

OCRJ also kept its commitment to educating the community on reproductive justice.

  • We provided three public speakers for nine events in four cities.
  • We sponsored, co-sponsored or participated in a number of events, including
    • Take Root conference at OU in February
    • Women’s Health Day at the Capitol in March
    • “Barefoot and Pregnant” Anti-Personhood rally in March
    • Presentation of citizens’ petition against personhood to legislative leaders and the governor in March      
    • Norman Music Festival in March
    • Unite Women Rally in April
    • Public forum, “Personhood in the Rearview Mirror” in July
    • Lawton Freedom Rally in July
    • Public forum,  “How To Talk About Reproductive rights” in August
    • Public forum, “Understanding the Affordable Care Act” in September
    • “Voices” get out the vote event in September
    • Public forum, “Presenting OCRJ’s Endorsed Candidates” in October
We also supported students’ efforts, including
  • OCU’s  week of education on personhood laws
  • OU students new organization called GEARR — Gender Equity and Reproductive Rights, which meets regularly
We supported the election of pro-reproductive justice legislative candidates by 
  • developing a questionnaire to screen legislative candidates for OCRJ endorsement
  • publicizing our endorsements
  • holding a public forum
With the legislative session beginning in early February 2013, your donations now will make a critical difference in helping us defend reproductive justice at the Capitol, continue challenging unjust laws in court, expand our efforts to educate the public, and organize supporters of reproductive justice statewide.

Thank you for all you do.

Martha Skeeters, OCRJ President

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