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Personhood Bill Pink Wave Update


Folks, we are having an effect! And we are fighting hard to COMPLETELY defeat this bill. There was a "pink wave" in the House gallery today, all day, and SB1433, the Personhood Bill, was again not brought up -- rather a substitute, non-binding resolution was passed, HR1054 (bad from our perspective but a move to forestall a vote on SB1433.) We have reason to believe that this procedure was in large part due to our efforts! But this non-binding approach made the personhood movement angry and they are still going to try to force the issue. For them, it's a clean SB1433 or nothing. Interestingly, this is causing the pro-life legislators to begin to break ranks: an unprecedented outcome! This is huge!


We learned from leadership that tomorrow, Wednesday, is D-DAY for the bill. We need as many people in pink sitting in the House gallery as possible -- they were quite clear that our presence makes a real difference. So if you can, come! Be there by 8:30 a.m. if possible. Today we faced off with preachers and priests in the gallery, but we are told to expect a bigger turn-out of personhood supporters for the vote tomorrow. At this point we don't know what time they will bring it up. Watch our Twitter feed (@OCRJpinkwave) or Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates.


I've learned that politicking is like a roller coaster and nothing up there stays on a schedule. If you can't go, by all means call or email your representative. Go to to find your rep's email address and phone number. This will be an 11th hour attempt to ram this terrible anti-freedom, anti-family bill down the throats of Oklahoma women, so let's step up and stop them! We have an unprecedented chance to break the pro-life lobby----something that goes way beyond our expectations. Be there so we can take advantage of this opportunity.


Written by Elyse, Rena, & Martha

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