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Why I Fight for Reproductive Freedom

This is a guest blog post by Dawn Bona, she wrote it in the hope that it encourages other women to share their stories.


I have been talking a lot lately about the need to take the discussion of reproductive choice out of the abstract and place it back into the concrete.  The best way to do this is for women to share their stories with each other and the world.  Our stories and experiences are what is truly being legislated, and what will be shaped by the outcome of current actions or lack thereof.


What Our Neighbors Are Saying About Crimes Against Women

Jasmine Foo is a 14 year old Edmond native who's currently missing. She had alternative social networking profiles under the name of Jasmine Lloyd that stated she was 21 years old, and this weekend she went to a party and never returned home.


Doctors for America Bus Tour

This is a guest blog post by Dr. Katherine Scheirman, guest speaker at our next meeting. Bio info below.

It's time for America to put patients over politics – to make sure that every American can get health care when they need it.

For years, though, we have been going in the wrong direction, with millions of Americans struggling without health insurance, millions more seeing rising costs and being swamped by outrageous medical bills, in a terribly inefficient system.


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